August 13, 2013

Cute new line at Macy's - Maison Jules

Guys. It's been a minute. Yeesh.

A lot happened in the last 6 months. For example, my computer broke (it's fixed), we sold our condo, I ran the LA marathon (which I meant to post about because there are actually some pictures of me where I look sort of... refreshed and cute?!), went on a couple of trips, went to a few weddings, lived in a temporary house, bought a house, I made some excruciating decisions about purchasing furniture... you get it. Oh, and lately I've been in a weird phase where I just want to eat Cheez-its all the time. Whatever. A lot happened.

But I'm back, because I really want to tell you about the cutest new line at Macy's I stumbled upon.

I was up in the bay area visiting friends and family, and I was hoping to squeeze in a mother-daughter shopping trip. My mom suggested we check out Macy's because they had one of their extra 20% off coupon thing they always have going on. I'm not really into Macy's because... I just don't get it. Like, on the one hand, it's a department store, and they have all sorts of normal stuff. Sure. But on the other hand, so many Macy's I'm exposed to are just... tired. They seem ragged. Like, the tile is so... travertine gone late 80s mall and it seems like everything is a Petites department. But the Walnut Creek one is pretty nice.

Good thing we did because they have the cutest new line, guys! Maison Jules (trust me - I know the website isn't very attractive, but the clothes are) is this cutie patootie French inspired line that's at a totally moderate price point (The most expensive thing is a dress for $79. Also, 20% coupons!). It's like if Anthropologie and Comptoir des Cotonniers had a value priced child.

Here are some of their cute things*:

* The styling is a little "juniors department", but the pieces look sophisticated in person.

Oh, and just so you know I'm not crazy, some "cool" outlets took notice too! (ElleRefinery29Teen Vogue)


  1. She's back!
    P.S. You shouldn't give away your secrets!

  2. Oh my god, Cheez-its are so good

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