February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Tip List

Valentine's Day is basically my favorite holiday. I know most people do not share that feeling, so I thought I'd share my Valentine's Day rules to live by, so maybe you'll feel some of the love, and avoid some of the annoying.

:: cute closet filled with surprise balloons, via oh happy day ::
Do something sweet 'n crafty
I love the picture above of a surprise avalanche of heart balloons falling out of the closet. Here are a ton more cute ideas like that.

A bajillion years ago, I hand cut out a bunch of tiny little hearts from pink and red paper. (I have no idea why I decided to do it, but I distinctly remember that this took place at work. I can't believe I got away with that.) Every year, the confetti hearts come out to decorate the breakfast or dinner table, and they're just a silly and sweet gesture.

Send Valentines to your friends
Valentine's Day is all about saying "Hey! I totally like/love you! You're a real sweetheart! Did ya know that?"... so why not send a little love in the mail to people who deserve to hear that?

I had high hopes of making cards again this year, but it just didn't happen, so I broke down and bought some cute cards. These guys are a really cute inexpensive option that I highly recommend. (The envelopes are a pain, so I would recommend just using other envelopes.)

Bake some heart shaped cookies
It's a verified fact that hearts are the cutest shapes in the world. Give me anything heart shaped or with a heart on it, and I love it. Except for a sterling silver necklace with tiny diamonds in it that a high school guy buys for his girlfriend. That I do not want. So, cute classy hearts only, please.

I want to bake some heart shaped shortbread and top with red or pink sugar. But I only want to eat two cookies, so I'll bring the rest to work.

Don't make it about gifts
Gift exchanges make the day stressful. If you're going to do a gift, make it sweet and inexpensive. Or free and thoughtful. (I think I'm going to tell Travis that I'll run the errand of returning something to Home Depot as a gift, because I know he really, really doesn't want to. Shh... don't spoil it!)

Wear red and/or pink and/or hearts on February 14
Just do it. Because it's fun. Yes, it's a little Zooey Deschanel-y precious, but do it anyway. I'm probably going to wear this sweater so, yeah, I'm all in, guys. 

Don't try to go to a restaurant
Don't even think about it. One year I thought it would be fun to do the whole Valentine's Day thing and go to a not cool steakhouse. It was a disaster. We were seated 60 minutes late and the service was terrible. Don't get cute and think low-key will be better: I've also been to In-n-Out on Valentine's Day, and it's crazy crowded. If you're ordering pizza or Thai food (THAI FOOD YUMMMMM), be prepared for it to take way longer than normal.

Call your mom
Wish Mom a happy Valentine's Day! Because as I said earlier, it's just a day to be a real sweetheart.

What do you like to do on February 14th?


  1. Joanna, I too LOVE Valentine's Day! I just love all the red and pink and all the sweets and hearts everywhere. Your list is so fun! I am not sure what we are going to do this year but I have decided that I definitely want to celebrate somehow! I love love!

  2. I whole-"heartedly" endorse this list (especially the last one), but I'll be in the city so be sure to call on the cell:-) We just happened to get one of our subscription theater tickets on Valentine's Day so I thought that would be a fun way to celebrate. And speaking of love. We are seeing Wicked. Remember, you and I were seeing that in previews in SF during a Christmas visit and Travis called to ask you out for the FIRST time while we were waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory on Union Square. That was when I first heard about Travis and the rest is Love-history!

  3. This is all super cute. Thanks for the heartspiration! xoxoxo

  4. I love this. My roommate and I threw a big Valentine's Day Party last year and it was a HUGE HIT among couples and non-couples alike. Couples were thrilled to have something to do together that was fun but not difficult or pressure-filled or forced-ly "romantic." And singles were happy to have somewhere to go that wasn't designed for the purpose of "making single people feel less sad and alone on v-day." We put up lots of cheesy decorations and played Twister. It was awesome. We're doing it again this year!

    1. Oh yeah! I remember hearing about that. That is a totally great idea. Love it!

    2. Haha I just realized I posted about the party last year on your V-day blog post too.

  5. I love the idea that it's a day to be a real sweetheart! Very smart. That sweater is INTENSE. I saw a man wearing it in a restaurant yesterday (but in different colors, I think) and I NOTICED. Are you really baking cookies? That sounds adorable, but like, work.

    1. Yeah, mine's in different colors (last season), and it is a statement. I sort of get embarrassed to wear it.

  6. I HATE Valentine's Day, but not this list, because I like the idea of having a day when you let everyone in your life know how much you appreciate them. That's legitimately sweet, unlike most Hallmark commercials.

    So thanks, Joanna. I appreciate you and am glad to have you in my life! (In other words, Happy Valentine's Day. xo)

  7. I love this because I too love valentine's day! I try to send cards to my pals every year. This year, it's going to have to be a red stamp card, but I still love to send them. Also, it's way easier to get it together to send Valentine's cards than it is to send holiday cards, at least for me. Plus it's less expected.
    I love the list!

    1. In "The Happiness Project", the author talks about how she and her family do Valentine's cards instead of holiday cards. Maybe a new family tradition for you? :)