February 12, 2013

Justin Timberlake: Discuss, please

Guys. I don't get Justin Timberlake.

I'm pretty sure ladies love him. (Like, loooove him.) But I can't see it. Can someone please explain?

When I see him perform, I feel physically uncomfortable... like a friend asked me to come to their cousin's song and dance show, and this guy who I sort of know is singing and dancing his heart out and trying so hard to be sexy, but it's my friend's cousin, and he's kind of strange looking, and it's all just so uncomfortable.

Or it's like a lesser version of if a friend took me to a male strip club for my bachelorette party. Because I'm pretty sure if that had happened, my reaction would be to seriously cry.

So watch this very short clip from the Grammys and tell me: what's the appeal? Or is he truly just strange and sort of a creep who's trying too hard?

I was starting to feel badly that I can't get on board with him (I mean, I generally generic pop culture things!), and then I realized: I think I just generally feel off-put and uncomfortable when people try hard to be sexy. I think It's more off-putting when men do it because, unfortunately, we've all been conditioned to see women do it all. the. time. But... for real, peeps: try hard to be smart, try hard to be accomplished, try hard to be kind, or charming, or funny, or heck, even pretty... but to focus your energies on trying to be sexy? Ew.

On another Grammy note that sort of contradicts my earlier point, I'm becoming obsessed with this Miguel song, not because it's an "ooh-let's-get-down" song, but because I love lite rock, and this song sounds like it could be straight out of the 80s and all over a lite rock station! Is lite rock coming back in a big way??? Let's hope!


  1. Okay, I like him, but I definitely don't think he's sexy. More like cute and hokey, maybe. I was excited to hear he'd performed at the Grammy's, but when I watched the clip the other day, I was...underwhelmed. It was pretty dull. I enjoy his whole "History of Rap Music" thing with Jimmy Fallon, and I have fond memories of watching N'Sync concerts on TV when I was in high school, but thinking of him as sexy feels gross, like he's a kid or something. Does that make sense?

    1. That's true. I think he's funny on the SNL videos and with Jimmy Fallon... but yes, sexy Justin = gross.

  2. Joanna, I feel the same way! I hated watching him the other day with his big "comeback" and am always amazed that he gets SO much attention. Just not my guy at all! SO many of my freinds go nuts for him, but yeah, just not my type I guess!

  3. Dude, lite rock is totally coming back. I know I have read something about this somewhat recently but my preliminary googling for "lite rock is coming back" and "lite rock is cool again" did not yield any results. But it's totally cool again. I feel it.