February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the big day, folks. Valentine's Day.

Let's see how I did against my "to do" list:

Do something sweet 'n crafty
Not yet, but the day is young... those paper hearts will probably come out at some point...

Send Valentines to your friends

Bake some heart shaped cookies

Don't make it about gifts
Yup. I already returned the stuff to Home Depot for my sweetheart.

Wear red and/or pinks and/or hearts
I wore my heart sweater already this week, so today I'm wearing my pink and red striped sweater.

Don't try to go to a restaurant
I won't.

Call your mom
I will.

My plan for tonight is to make a simple dinner and eat dinner at the table (not watching TV), but then, once dinner is done, watch TV. (Duh.)

What are your plans?

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