November 30, 2011

Sometimes things are funny, but also scary.

Travis has been participating in Movember this month (that thing where guys grow moustaches all month to fundraise for men's cancers and to have an opportunity to grow a moustache without a social stigma attached).  The month culminates in a big moustache ball tomorrow night, where participants are supposed to dress as their moustache.  We have joked that Travis doesn't just look like an 80s dad or an off duty cop, but really, a truly weird creepy guy.  I know what you're thinking: all youngish guys look creepy when they grow moustaches.  And to that, I say: No, really.  It looks creepy.

So we decided he should go as the creepiest moustache dude of recent history: Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones.

Here he is:

Amazing right?  

Here is Travis:

It's really uncanny.  Travis was really nailing it, doing these creepy intense facial expressions... I couldn't stop laughing!

...Until it started to actually freak me out.  (Because it's totally scary.)  I covered my face and said, "Hey Trav.  When I open my eyes will you please not have that facial expression anymore?  I think it's funny, but I am also getting scared."

And when I opened my eyes, he was really close to me, making that same face right at me.

And guys?  I burst into tears.  For real.

The end.  Night, guys!!


  1. NOT COOL.

    However, your hair looks amazing.

  2. "You're the Salmon girl, right?"

  3. I just LOL'd at work. Love you Jojo.

  4. This is my favorite blog post of all time.

  5. AAAAH. I'm laughing out loud. He is so creepy. I know him and i'm a little weirded out. In a great way.

  6. his stare is so empty. so empty.