October 28, 2011

Wine not?: A roundup of wine-related puns

Guys, I love wine puns.  (And whine wouldn't I?  My bachelorette party was themed Chardy Cardi Party... you go to wineries, sipping Chardonnay while wearing your cutest cardigan.  Duh.)  Basically, in my life I'm always thisclose to buying this t-shirt:

Because I'm not quite up for that purchase (and also because I know it's going to fit a little weird and a little 2002-ish), I've decided to fulfill my desires by compiling a small list of wine-related puns for your enjoyment:
  • You should lock up your wine in a cabernet.
  • Resigned to my fate, I bought 24 cases of red.  It was a case of syrah, syrah.
  • Stop and smell the rosè.
  • Forgive me, for I have zinned.
  • I like to cook with wine.  Sometimes I even put it in the food!
  • How "merlot" can you go?
  • Wine: It's why I get out of bed every afternoon
  • Women cannot live by chocolate alone.  That's why there's wine.
  • Wine is the answer.  What was the question? [ed: this is my favorite -- I like to say it with a lot of expression, like I really mean it.]
Alright bye, guys!  And by "bye" I mean I'm off to "bye" wine!  Muahahahhaha!!!!

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  1. Haha! Thanks for the funny wine puns - I was looking for something cute to put on my girlfriends stagette bottles of wine we had made :)