August 15, 2013

New Favorite Band: Haim

Have you heard Haim's awesome songs floating around lately? I'm completely obsessed. Their singles have been out since last fall, and their debut album is coming out September 30. I can hardly wait!

Haim (rhymes with "time") are three sisters from the valley. I think they sound like Phoenix + Fleetwood Mac + a little bit of Destiny's Child. So... yeah, amazing.

I don't know which of these songs I like better....

August 13, 2013

Cute new line at Macy's - Maison Jules

Guys. It's been a minute. Yeesh.

A lot happened in the last 6 months. For example, my computer broke (it's fixed), we sold our condo, I ran the LA marathon (which I meant to post about because there are actually some pictures of me where I look sort of... refreshed and cute?!), went on a couple of trips, went to a few weddings, lived in a temporary house, bought a house, I made some excruciating decisions about purchasing furniture... you get it. Oh, and lately I've been in a weird phase where I just want to eat Cheez-its all the time. Whatever. A lot happened.

But I'm back, because I really want to tell you about the cutest new line at Macy's I stumbled upon.

I was up in the bay area visiting friends and family, and I was hoping to squeeze in a mother-daughter shopping trip. My mom suggested we check out Macy's because they had one of their extra 20% off coupon thing they always have going on. I'm not really into Macy's because... I just don't get it. Like, on the one hand, it's a department store, and they have all sorts of normal stuff. Sure. But on the other hand, so many Macy's I'm exposed to are just... tired. They seem ragged. Like, the tile is so... travertine gone late 80s mall and it seems like everything is a Petites department. But the Walnut Creek one is pretty nice.

Good thing we did because they have the cutest new line, guys! Maison Jules (trust me - I know the website isn't very attractive, but the clothes are) is this cutie patootie French inspired line that's at a totally moderate price point (The most expensive thing is a dress for $79. Also, 20% coupons!). It's like if Anthropologie and Comptoir des Cotonniers had a value priced child.

Here are some of their cute things*:

* The styling is a little "juniors department", but the pieces look sophisticated in person.

Oh, and just so you know I'm not crazy, some "cool" outlets took notice too! (ElleRefinery29Teen Vogue)

March 5, 2013

Game of Thrones - coming soon!!!

I can't believe it's almost time for Game of Thrones to return. It's felt so, so long.

While we wait the final few weeks before it starts up again, can we just take a moment to acknowledge that Jamie Lannister is named... Jamie?

...Really? A sort of modern, androgynous normal average name? Jamie? Hm.

March 3, 2013

Cute, classic backpack

Travis and I went to Portland for President's Day weekend, and walked around seeing all the Portland-y things. All the women there had on super cute Navajo-y cardigans, which I didn't see in any shops (sad face), but, to be fair, I didn't look that hard, and I think it might be a little late to hop on that trend. (Disclaimer: I reserve the right to take this back if I buy one next fall. It took me, like, 3 years to try leggings.)

While browsing stores, I fell in love with this adorable Scandinavian backpack by Fjallraven.
:: Kanken Classic, $75 ::
This is the Kanken Classic that, according to the website, was designed for Swedish schoolchildren in 1978 (awwwwwwww...). It comes in 28 colors, but I love the rust color above (or maybe the teal green? or the sunny yellow?).

They also have a version that looks almost the same, but has a padded section for your laptop.

For a more rustic look (Fjallraven is primarily an outdoor sporting line), I think this Rucksack No. 21 is beautifully designed.
:: Rucksack No. 21 Medium, $190 ::
And, fun fact: Do you know what Fjallraven means?

It means Acrtic Fox. How cute are these guys???

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the big day, folks. Valentine's Day.

Let's see how I did against my "to do" list:

Do something sweet 'n crafty
Not yet, but the day is young... those paper hearts will probably come out at some point...

Send Valentines to your friends

Bake some heart shaped cookies

Don't make it about gifts
Yup. I already returned the stuff to Home Depot for my sweetheart.

Wear red and/or pinks and/or hearts
I wore my heart sweater already this week, so today I'm wearing my pink and red striped sweater.

Don't try to go to a restaurant
I won't.

Call your mom
I will.

My plan for tonight is to make a simple dinner and eat dinner at the table (not watching TV), but then, once dinner is done, watch TV. (Duh.)

What are your plans?

February 12, 2013

Justin Timberlake: Discuss, please

Guys. I don't get Justin Timberlake.

I'm pretty sure ladies love him. (Like, loooove him.) But I can't see it. Can someone please explain?

When I see him perform, I feel physically uncomfortable... like a friend asked me to come to their cousin's song and dance show, and this guy who I sort of know is singing and dancing his heart out and trying so hard to be sexy, but it's my friend's cousin, and he's kind of strange looking, and it's all just so uncomfortable.

Or it's like a lesser version of if a friend took me to a male strip club for my bachelorette party. Because I'm pretty sure if that had happened, my reaction would be to seriously cry.

So watch this very short clip from the Grammys and tell me: what's the appeal? Or is he truly just strange and sort of a creep who's trying too hard?

I was starting to feel badly that I can't get on board with him (I mean, I generally generic pop culture things!), and then I realized: I think I just generally feel off-put and uncomfortable when people try hard to be sexy. I think It's more off-putting when men do it because, unfortunately, we've all been conditioned to see women do it all. the. time. But... for real, peeps: try hard to be smart, try hard to be accomplished, try hard to be kind, or charming, or funny, or heck, even pretty... but to focus your energies on trying to be sexy? Ew.

On another Grammy note that sort of contradicts my earlier point, I'm becoming obsessed with this Miguel song, not because it's an "ooh-let's-get-down" song, but because I love lite rock, and this song sounds like it could be straight out of the 80s and all over a lite rock station! Is lite rock coming back in a big way??? Let's hope!

February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Tip List

Valentine's Day is basically my favorite holiday. I know most people do not share that feeling, so I thought I'd share my Valentine's Day rules to live by, so maybe you'll feel some of the love, and avoid some of the annoying.

:: cute closet filled with surprise balloons, via oh happy day ::
Do something sweet 'n crafty
I love the picture above of a surprise avalanche of heart balloons falling out of the closet. Here are a ton more cute ideas like that.

A bajillion years ago, I hand cut out a bunch of tiny little hearts from pink and red paper. (I have no idea why I decided to do it, but I distinctly remember that this took place at work. I can't believe I got away with that.) Every year, the confetti hearts come out to decorate the breakfast or dinner table, and they're just a silly and sweet gesture.

Send Valentines to your friends
Valentine's Day is all about saying "Hey! I totally like/love you! You're a real sweetheart! Did ya know that?"... so why not send a little love in the mail to people who deserve to hear that?

I had high hopes of making cards again this year, but it just didn't happen, so I broke down and bought some cute cards. These guys are a really cute inexpensive option that I highly recommend. (The envelopes are a pain, so I would recommend just using other envelopes.)

Bake some heart shaped cookies
It's a verified fact that hearts are the cutest shapes in the world. Give me anything heart shaped or with a heart on it, and I love it. Except for a sterling silver necklace with tiny diamonds in it that a high school guy buys for his girlfriend. That I do not want. So, cute classy hearts only, please.

I want to bake some heart shaped shortbread and top with red or pink sugar. But I only want to eat two cookies, so I'll bring the rest to work.

Don't make it about gifts
Gift exchanges make the day stressful. If you're going to do a gift, make it sweet and inexpensive. Or free and thoughtful. (I think I'm going to tell Travis that I'll run the errand of returning something to Home Depot as a gift, because I know he really, really doesn't want to. Shh... don't spoil it!)

Wear red and/or pink and/or hearts on February 14
Just do it. Because it's fun. Yes, it's a little Zooey Deschanel-y precious, but do it anyway. I'm probably going to wear this sweater so, yeah, I'm all in, guys. 

Don't try to go to a restaurant
Don't even think about it. One year I thought it would be fun to do the whole Valentine's Day thing and go to a not cool steakhouse. It was a disaster. We were seated 60 minutes late and the service was terrible. Don't get cute and think low-key will be better: I've also been to In-n-Out on Valentine's Day, and it's crazy crowded. If you're ordering pizza or Thai food (THAI FOOD YUMMMMM), be prepared for it to take way longer than normal.

Call your mom
Wish Mom a happy Valentine's Day! Because as I said earlier, it's just a day to be a real sweetheart.

What do you like to do on February 14th?